8 Reasons why you should Shop with us

1. Made in Korea/ Artisanally-made

Made in Korea: Our merchandise is synonymous to high quality and top-notch designs. Our merchandizing team personally flies down to Korea to handpick our products to ensure that we bring you the finest that Korea has to offer. Made out of premium quality fabrics with fine tailoring and workmanship, you will not regret buying an AZORIAS product!

Artisan: A new line from AZORIAS, our Artisan products offer chic designs and great quality at a more affordable price-point.

Read more about Made in Korea here.

2. FREE Shipping

We offer free shipping for all local orders, for both Peninsular Malaysia and Sabah/ Sarawak. We also ship worldwide.

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3. FREE Returns

Worried of fitting or sizing? Purchase is not as you expected? Not to worry, as we provide free returns for all orders! Just email us, and we will arrange to have you return your package to us. A full refund will be given, no questions asked!

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4. First premium workwear online destination

We are the first online site in Malaysia dedicated to premium workwear, being your go-to destination for stylish work attire that won't break the bank. Surely starchy collars and drabby black skirts can't be the only answer to workwear! At the same time, we have a strong 'Play' collection as well, to meet our objective of being a true lifestyle choice for our customers.

Shop WORK and PLAY.

5. Priority Customer Service team

Besides superior Made in Korea products, we bring you top-notch service as well! Our Priority Customer Service team is always happy to assist you in any queries that you have, and we reply all emails within 48 hours.

Email us at customerservice@azorias.com.

6. New arrivals every week

Every week, we bring you delectable styles and designs that you won’t be able to keep your hands off. Remember to regularly visit our product page to never miss out!

7. The Ultimate Shopping Experience

At AZORIAS, your shopping experience begins right from the moment you land on our website, to the point where you receive your package in our beautifully wrapped box, and even after delivery of your package, and we endeavor to make it top-notch, smooth, and pleasant. Don’t believe us? Hear what our customers have to say about shopping with us here.

8. RM25 voucher for first purchase

We are so confident in our products and service that we put our money right where our mouth is—by giving you a RM25 voucher for your first purchase! You will never look back.

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About Us


Is that a familiar grouse on a Manic Monday? Been there, done that.

Like you, we are professionals in our own right, and whilst we like the freedom that comes from earning your moolah, and the exhilaration that comes with building your career; it really frustrates us that we can't look good while doing so! Think of work, and the images of starchy buttoned-up shirts fit for a nun comes to mind? Think of business meetings, and hundreds of black knee-length skirts come taunting you?

Enough is enough!

What does AZORIAS do

The truth is, whether you are a corporate executive giving the Wall Street guys a run for their money, or a designer in a creative agency making visions into reality, you just want to look chic and pulled-together. If not, the term 'Dress for Success' would never have been created, right? Yet, we had trouble finding affordable work-clothes that do not compromise on style and quality.

So we decided to take matters into our own hands, and AZORIAS was born. The first online site in Malaysia dedicated to premium, stylish workwear.

However, just like how a young woman's life does not solely rotate around her career, AZORIAS does not merely focus on our 'WORK' line, dedicated to premium workwear. A vibrant woman may go on dates, watch movies on weekends, has girls' nights out, and sip on cocktails after work. And thus, our 'PLAY' line was created  to complement your lifestyle, bringing to you trendy, upbeat pieces for those  times when you let your hair down.

All of our products are MADE IN KOREA, being our assurance  to you for style and quality. We personally handpick each product in Korea ourselves, in order to bring you the best Korea has to offer. Whether you are looking to invest in a classic staple, or to inject a breathe of fresh air into your wardrobe, we will meet the challenge.

What is AZORIAS?

AZORIAS comes from the word Zoria or Zaria, which refers to the goddess of beauty in Slavic mythology.  A once-popular goddess also associated with the morning, she was greeted at dawn as "the brightest maiden, pure, sublime, honorable". This word also refers to ‘dawn’ in Russian.

This is what we want the AZORIAS woman to be, a star in her own right. She works hard, plays hard, and is not afraid to chase her dreams. The AZORIAS  woman is beautiful-- however, we are not merely referring to external beauty, but beauty from within as well. What AZORIAS hopes to do is to adorn these women while they appreciate all life has to offer. We want to be what these women wear while they strive in their career, when they are partying the night away, when they are relieving friendships... We want AZORIAS to be part of your lifestyle.

What we have done

Being a company recognized for bringing you the best in workwear, we were invited to conduct a Professional Grooming workshop for Monash University in 2012. Our quality products and superior customer service has got us named one of the best shopping websites by Hello magazine and InTrend magazine in 2012. We have also been featured in Lucky (USA), Women's Weekly, Female, Ifeel (Chinese), Jasmine (Chinese), New Straits Time, Seventeen, Harian Metro, The China Press, Her World, and Bella NTV7 (TV show).


Just like how AZORIAS has high hopes for the women who wear our brand, we establish big dreams for ourselves. We would be grateful if you follow on us in our journey, and trust us when we say that we have many more treats in our bag.

We welcome you to our AZORIAS community, a community of dreams, and maybe, just a teeny, weeny bit of vanity.

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